5 Easy and Simple Steps to Organizing Makeup!

cleaning declutter organization Feb 02, 2022

Who doesn't love playing around with makeup? As a Professional Organizer, I've seen my fair share of makeup products in my client's homes. That is why this week, I am breaking down what to do when you are wanting, or needing, to declutter, and purge your makeup!

I've come up with a few steps for decluttering and sorting through your makeup! Here are 5 Easy and Simple Steps to Organizing Makeup!


1) What Type of Person are You? This simply means, are you the kind of person who wants to be eco-conscious when it comes to your makeup products? Do you only want to use vegan, organic, BPA-free, cruelty-free, etc. products? If so, that is great! You've taken the first step in purging. All the things that aren't that, get thrown away. I know it might be painful, but trust me it is worth it to let those things go.

These are some of the labels to be looking for on your beauty products:


2) Is it Expired? Did you know your makeup and beuty products expire? Yup, that's right! So that jar of eye cream you used once 5 years ago and thought you would use again during a special occasion, needs to be tossed out...sorry. This is especially important for anything that you will be putting around your eyes. Once an item has been opened, you have a certain amount of months to use it before it goes bad. When you get a new makeup or beauty product, before throwing out the box look to see if the box has the symbols below on it. Often times it will be on the box and not the product itself.

Expiration Symbols:


3) What's Your Skincare Like? Do you want to establish a better morning or nighttime skincare routine? If so, at least until the routine becomes a habit, start leaving those products out for your daily use. And like the last step alluded to, don't hold off on using the "best" products for a special occasion because they will all eventually go bad.


4) Contain Contain Contain. Once you have been diligent in cutting down the items you have, what to do with the ones you plan on using? You must put everything into containers. This is the first step in ensuring you won't fall back into old habits of having too much. Each item needs a space and "home". If you have a vanity with drawers or a linen closet you keep things in, each time needs to be put into something and when that space is filled, it will be time to go back and relook at everything you have. Be meticulous in the items you keep. Only keep what you will use and what is actually the right quality for you.

  • Pro Tip! Do not use any fabric containers here. If one item spills and you need to clean it up, plastic, glass, or acrylic will be your best friend.


5) Purses, Cars, and other areas. I will be the first to say, you shouldn't be keeping items in other places around the home. Have ONE spot for all your beauty items. If you find that you have chapsticks scattered across rooms, collect them into one place and put them all together. This will make it easier when you need to find it, it's right where you left it, in one spot. If you have a purse that you keep makeup items in for when you go out, limit yourself to one of each category. One chapstick, one lipgloss, one lipstick, one... And at the end of your day, take that one item that was special for the day (usually the shade of lipstick) and put it back where the rest of the lipsticks are.


These are the actual steps I walk my clients through. I hope that they bring some value to your daily routine, help you to get organized, and keep your makeup!


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