Life Coaching

Image by Lesly Juarez
“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”
-  Albert Einstein


Coaching is an invaluable experience that brings perspective to where you are, in order to get you to where you want to be.  When my friends or colleagues were facing problems in their lives and asking advice, I knew how to tailor the conversation based on their needs, their spirituality and religious beliefs and ultimately being able to see that they have so much potential for amazing things way beyond their current challenge!

Life coaching is similar to Professional Organizing. In both sessions, I am working 1:1 with my clients to deliver them results they are looking for to help change their lives in a positive way. 

My life coaching sessions are open to anyone and everyone. From 8 to 88. Through my scheduling link, you can book time whenever is convent for you and pay at the time of booking or package rates are available. All calls are via phone or zoom. If you are located in the NOVA area and would like to book in person, please reach out. 

Life coaching for:

  • Spirituality growth

  • Personal development  

  • Home organization 

  • Work organization 

  • Career advancement 

  • Work/life balance

  • Sense of community 

  • COVID-19 bounce back

  • Life transitions, which include:  

    • Work, moving, new baby, widow, divorce, blended family, new career, new school



1:1 Calls/Sessions

You will be able to book 1:1 hour calls with me at any time to discuss anything that might have come up. 

$100 a month payment plans are available for 6 month blocks for $500


Package Rate

Book calls anytime and as often as needed! 

You will get 25 calls that can be paid in installments 

25 calls $6,000


1:1 weekly 

If you're needing more time, you can book weekly calls whenever. you need them

$100 a session or package of 6 for 5 $500