5 Products to Use Right Now!

products Feb 01, 2021

As a professional organizer, I have used numerous items that really helped with cleaning and organizing my client's homes. Today, I am going to share 5 items that really helped me and my clients! These are the 5 kitchen organizing tools to take your kitchen to the next level and what I use to keep families functioning in 2021!


1) Bamboo Drawer Dividers

The first organizing product to buy for a kitchen and it is a must! With so many home-cooked meals, we often gather a lot of kitchen utensils in our homes. Dividers save loads of time knowing EXACTLY where everything is.

2) OXO Canister Set

No home can ever truly be organized without a good system for decanting. OXO is by far the leading brand. I've tried the glass jar method a few times but find that OXO is worth dishing out the money for in the end.


3) Woven Baskets

It is so easy to toss items into the pantry or even larger baskets where they get buried! Find smaller more elegant baskets that hold similar items. This will save you a lot of time when looking searching for pasta, rice, or snacks.

4) Basket Clips

Storing similar products together won't be enough to keep you organized. Add complimentary basket tags to help you see where everything is. There are so many tags out there; chalkboard, sticker, cardboard but a basic metal black tag will always be a classic!


5) Custom Labels

Once you have your food in easy-to-grab baskets and OXO Canisters, you will want to label everything. Real and Vibrant makes modern labels that are beautiful, clean, and easy to read. 


With so much time being spent in the kitchen, keeping your go-to organized will be a huge time saver for you and your family! Keep most commonly used products at eye level and in easy-to-reach places.


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