5 Reasons Why People Tend to be Disorganized or Cluttered

organization podcast Oct 26, 2023

Today is all about how I find people get disorganized or cluttered, or how it is that they get to a point where they need a professional organizer to kind of come in and help them get uncluttered and organized and all of the things that go along with that. So here are my five reasons why people tend to be disorganized or cluttered.

  1. Fast fashion industry. It is so easy for companies that you can go online, go on their app, and find fast fashion really quick. Now, I don't have to be the one to tell you just how harmful fast fashion is to the environment. You can do your research. I cannot tell you how many times it is that I go into a client's home and they just have an abundance of clothes, and that's fine. You can have however many pieces of clothing that you want to have. It's not about limiting yourself, but it is about maybe making some smaller decisions about picking quantity over quality.
  2. Quick small purchases. I worked at Ann Taylor and Victoria's Secret and we were told as employees that one of the quickest ways that you can get people to purchase more is to put all of that stuff around the checkout line. If you've ever been in Sephora, you know that when you check out, you have to snake around all of the other stuff, all the little samples that they entice you to purchase on your way out or on your way to the check line.

    We all make very quick, small, seemingly insignificant purchases that add up. They don't just add up financially, they add up like physically. All of those small little things add up and people purchase them and they fill their home with them and they need to be organized and take up storage space.
  3. Not taught as a child. There's nothing wrong with this, but maybe it wasn't a skill that was shown to you and wasn't made a priority, which is perfectly fine. It can be learned. It can be taught. If you find yourself as somebody who's like, "I never learned this as a child", look at your parents; What were they like? What did they experience?
  4. It's just not important. Maybe you find organizing and decluttering or dare I say minimalism just not important to you. Maybe that's not anything that's a priority. After everything else was done, there was just no other time. So maybe it's just not important to you. As long as you can find what you need, or as long as it's working for you and your family, by no means am I saying this is how everybody has to live, that would be completely unrealistic.
  5. Triggers. This is my blanket approach to everything else. It could be a brain based condition; you could have somebod  in your household who, or maybe yourself who has ADD, ADHD, OCD, bipolar disorder, depression, or multiple personality disorders. You can also have somebody who just has triggers as an emotional event. Maybe it's not anything that you have to act upon today.

    Additionally, the trigger to buy items. You can purchase things that you really don't need and you can purchase things that you really truly do need, and wear them throughout the fullest extent of their lifespan, and that's really about where we want to get to is do we are we purchasing from a true desire which is fine. Are we purchasing through a true need, or are we true are we purchasing just because? If that's the case, that's perfectly fine but let's just make sure that we're being mindful of those decisions and how it is that we are allowing things to enter into our home.

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