Are the OXO's Pop Containers Worth it?

organization products Feb 18, 2021

By now, almost everyone has seen the Instagram-worthy pantry where all your food is lined up in beautiful rows, snacks are in easy-to-reach baskets, and items that can be decanted are placed in beautiful clear OXO POP Containers. But upon further research to actually achieve that movie star look, you are quickly taken aback by sticker shock! Are these fancy OXO Containers worth it or can you make do with a cheaper and more inexpensive brand?

Well, there are benefits to using OXO. As someone who recently made the (not so cheap) switch to OXO, I can say that I am now a true believer in the brand. Had I invested my money wisely in those upfront costs, I would have saved us a lot of headaches and cash. But it did take trial and error to lead me to this point. Here is how to avoid those mistakes.


Let's start at the beginning. What is decanting? The term is mostly known for housing wine in a beautiful glass jar. But in the organizing world, it means placing those everyday products in beautiful bins, containers, and boxes with a simple, clean, clear easy-to-read label. Removing all of that excess verbiage and distracting packaging.

About a year ago, I joined the decanting train. Eager to pull all of our food out of its original packaging, dump it into clear containers, and stamp each with a crisp label. A system where I could open my pantry to find all of our food easily and ready for me to wipe up into a meal. I didn't want just your typical plastic BPA and toxin-filled containers. No! I wanted high-end. Containers made to last. Ones I would use for years and years. Glass. If I was going to do this, I was going to do it right.

After searching for a cost-effective solution, I landed on a 4 pack from Wayfair. Okay, so not as high-end as I had expected but they would work. I ordered 3 boxes to start but was quickly disappointed when they arrived and most of the 12 glass containers had broken during shipping! Wayfair was quick to send out replacements. But alas, most of the second, third, and fourth shipments were broken. I was eventually able to salvage enough to start my decanting. Next up, are the coveted black labels.

The labels should be erasable, thereby making it easy to change products in and out as you use them. (I have since learned that this is absolutely not the way to decant!) I settled on chalkboard stickers I found, reluctantly at Wal-Mart. After several attempts at my best penmanship with chalk, I caved and broke out the white ballpoint pen. Nothing was going to stop that white and black aesthetic. Even if I would forever have to use this jar for that one random box of Orzo Noodles I put inside it.

They were meant to be practical, useful, and make our lives easier but after using and refiling our glass canisters, we all came to realize just how much of a pain they were making our lives! Although they still looked better than the original packaging! We eventually broke down and purchased 2 OXO Good Grips POP 20-piece.


After a quick wash, I took a morning to change over all our glass to OXO. After using the OXO in our home for a few months here is my takeaway:

  1. The biggest game changer for us was that OXO allows each part to be taken apart and put in the dishwasher! This might have been the best surprise. The top comes apart in 3 pieces so each item can be cleaned thoroughly!
  2. They are air-tight which allows food to be stored and kept for a longer time. This in turn means you save more money when your food lasts longer! So that upfront cost might actually be made back in the end.
  3. So easy to use that a child could do it! And this actually happens every day in our home. With three young girls, they are constantly reaching for the OXO, and now that they aren't glass, I am not clenching my teeth each time their hands grab the ingredients during our baking days.
  4. They are beautiful to look at. Let's face it, no matter how much these companies spend on their advertising budget, their food packaging just isn't what we want to look at. When you see the food in clear containers you can also see how much you have left and when it's time to refill.
  5. They are STACKABLE! When you have limited space in your pantry, you can still obtain a stunning look. Stack like items so they are easy to find and look great together!

We ordered our OXO from The Container Store but many other suppliers sell these either individually or as a set. The OXO not only look great in your pantry, but they help you see what you have so you are more likely to use what is in your home!

I'd love to know what your thoughts are on this. How do you feel about OXO? Let me know!


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