Expanding My Services!

services May 17, 2021

I have wonderful news to share with you all! After months of learning and hours of classes, I have achieved my newest Specialist Certificate in Life Transitions from NAPO (National Association for Productivity & Organizing Professionals).


What is a Specialist Certificate?

In addition to offering consumers information on working with Professional Organizers, NAPO provides online coursework and continuing education through their NAPO University.

The NAPO Specialist Certificate for Life Transitions gives organizers the opportunity to deepen their knowledge in this particular area of study and demonstrates their commitment to professional development.

The Life Transition Certificate is comprised of 22 courses ranging from organizing and engaging the busy student, to helping clients organize their spaces following difficult challenges, such as the loss of a loved one. This provided me with the tools to help my clients face these life challenges at every stage.


How does this benefit my clients?

We all go through life transitions at some point or another and these changes can be challenging. Life transitions force us to let go of what is familiar and face the future; sometimes with a feeling of vulnerability. Throughout these life transitions, I will be here to help my clients organize their spaces to align with new ways of living, being, and working. I will continue to provide the same organizing services to my clients but I will now be able to focus in a more direct way on clients who are making some conscious changes in their daily lives.

This direction was something I really became interested in when I noticed a lot of my clients were facing challenges and life changes. Whether entering school, looking to downsize, declutter, or just get a fresh start, I will be here to share my expertise. At some point in life, these skills apply to everyone, and being here for my clients and helping them tackle those hard times is why I love my job!


What other Specialist Certificates do I have?

In addition to my newest certificate, I also hold NAPO's Residential Organizing Certificate and Household Management Certificate. Both of these build a deeper understanding of how to help clients build structure across the information and activities within the residential setting.

Equipped with the tools taught in these courses, they will enhance the day-to-day functionality of their home. Systems are what make our lives run smoother and having those in a residential setting can improve work-life balance.


How can I help you?

I am thrilled to start sharing my new skills and techniques with all of my clients! Please reach out to me via my contact form and you can expect to hear from me to set up a time to chat. Let’s make those goals a reality!

*Note that only Professional Members in good standing can earn a Specialist Certificate.


If you want to schedule a call and start the journey to living a more organized life (and a less stressful one!) you can book your call with me HERE.