How to Manifest Your Goals and Become a Professional Organizer!

courses organization services Dec 29, 2021

My last vlog of 2021! Yes, it is only my 3rd vlog of 2021 and it is already my last one of the year. Not to worry though! I have so many ideas for topics to riff on in 2022.

This week I am discussing my 2022 digital course launch. The first round of students will have the great opportunity to give me all their feedback. Good, bad, beautiful, and ugly. I want to hear it all!


My two courses that are launching in the new year:
  1. How Decluttering Can Help You Manifest Your 2022 Goals
  2. How to Become a Professional Organizer

PS. Did you know I am accepting topic recommendations for podcasts? DM me what areas you want my Professional Organizing tips and tricks on and each week I will give you all my trade secrets to organize your home, life, office, etc.


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