My 6 Ways to Holistic Organizing

organization podcast Jun 19, 2023

Organizing holistically doesn't happen overnight, but it has been a journey. I saw myself searching for some deeper meaning in the year pandemic happened, and it really started with myself, and it started with my own journey. So it was picking up different books, picking up different content material to ingest, going through a ton of different courses, continuing education and I really did take a good amount of time of going through my social media, decluttering everybody that I was following that just wasn't healthy, and starting to follow accounts that were a little bit more aligned with what it is that I was looking for at that time.

It wasn't planned, yet somehow it just sort of crept and came into the business that led to rebranding Spaces Organized and Styled. Here are the 6 ways I do holistic organizing.

  1. Meditation. I think setting attention for the session and setting clear boundaries and expectations is super critical to make sure that you have a good 20 minutes to an hour or however long you spend, doing some decluttering and organizing, and one of the things that you can do is just become more present. We're planning on putting out some guided meditations in the next couple of months, so stay tuned for that. But to really be present, obviously, before I go into any session, I just take a few moments, take a deep breath, and then become present to what the client's needs are. It's extremely challenging, I think, for a professional organizer to jump from home to home and not carry those emotions between sessions and clients. So really take a break, and give your 110% to each client because they're worth it and they need it.
  2. Essential Oils. Incorporating all of the five senses into your organizing practice and sessions is super helpful. So if you are feeling overwhelmed, if you're feeling like you just can't get anything done, you're too stressed, you don't know where to start, it's so overwhelming, obviously, something that you have to do is be intentional. You can do sense like citrus which is really energizing. You could do lemongrass, you could do orange peel, or anything that is going to energize you and motivate you and push you in the right direction if you're working on things that you already have a more emotional attachment to, such as sentimental items or a loved one's items. Anything calming and relaxing such as lavender or eucalyptus which can help in bringing you to a state of neutral is going to be your key sense.
  3. Candles. I also recommend just lighting a candle or whatever you feel is going to be inspiring and something that would move you forward energy. Depending on the candle scent that you're going to use, it's going to give you different energy and vibe as well.
  4. Music. This kind of depends on what kind of session you wanna have. If you're like "Let's get it done" and may need some powerful music to pump you through, then playing upbeat music is helpful. Spotify has a lot of really great playlists already recommended. I think they've got one that's for getting chores done, happy music that has a lot of beats to it which is good. But if you are having something that's a little bit more emotionally attached, then I would recommend doing something that you find soothing, whether that may be study music or peaceful music or spa music, that kind of helps bring you back down to, being in a state of neutral. These things do make an impact and they do help set the groundwork for having a great session.
  5. Breaks. It's super important that in addition to your time limits, you set breaks throughout, you also hold yourself accountable for your breaks. Just listening to the needs of your body and your heart and what they're telling you to do is super important as well.
  6. Set times. Set your 10-minute break and then come back to regroup. If you're going through a box of somebody's loved ones who maybe have passed, that is something that is challenging and it's not going to be easy, but getting to the end of that box and saying, "Okay, now I need a break for 10 minutes", and then go get a drink, get some snacks, and then come back and continue on.

Everybody's holistic journey is going to be different. Everybody's journey of wellness, peace, and being in a state of calm and happiness is going to look different. It is making sure that whatever practices you incorporate into your own life, into your own organizing sessions are yours, and that you do more research and take the time to look and see what it is that's going to benefit you in the most positive way. 

Don't rush through your sessions. Don't rush through having to get things done right away. Just take your time and give yourself grace, and be more kind to yourself. Give yourself the space that you need to process your emotions.

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