Day 01: National Clutter Awareness Week!

cleaning holiday organization Mar 21, 2022

Arguably one of the most exciting weeks of the year (if you are a Professional Organizer) this is National Clutter Awareness Week and boy are you lucky.

I am breaking down some of the most unique areas of your life that you didn't know you needed to declutter. Each day I will release another blog, social media post, podcast, or YouTube to help you recognize an area of your life you can declutter. I will be sharing the process, the tips, and the ways you can stay organized in that area so you never have to know when National Clutter Awareness Week is ever again (hint, it's the 3rd week of March).


So, join me on this amazing week as I take you through some of the most unique areas that you didn't know you were meant to declutter and organize. I am super excited for this week and I hope you are too!


Happy Decluttering!

xx Caitlin


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