What I am Learning about My Business

services Jan 26, 2022

I am not just launching my courses because I fully believe people need the content I am teaching. I am also launching because I have taken so many courses to get myself prepared for this.

One such course is by Amanda Frances. Her course really takes you on the journey of your business but not from a data and calculation aspect. This is through a philosophical lens.

This course is full of things that have sent my business to the next level. I thought it would be interesting to share with everyone just really how I view Spaces Organized & Styled. The goals, purpose, mission, passion, and really the reason WHY that drives S.O.S. It dawned on me that I've never shared mine why. I've never shared what S.O.S is really all about and why it is such an important entity to have in your corner in life.

What you have to keep in mind is that S.O.S. changes life. It helps to change not only the way we see things visually, but it changes how lives are lived out day-to-day. It changes the way we structure our day and the way we move through our connections in life. SOS has been a way to provide, to so many, a sense of peace. So read the questions and answers below, and let me know what you think!


We never stop learning, we never stop growing our business. If you think you are done learning, you will surely perish.


What am I here to give?

I believe I am here to give clarity, peace of mind, joy, happiness, structure, positivity, and openness (both in open spaces and open mind).


Who needs my help, and how would I help them?

I think everyone but I mostly connect with seniors and women. I will never turn someone away who is open to doing the work and wants to improve themselves. Everyone has areas of growth that can be improved and expanded upon.


What would I do for them?

I help them see a way forward. An easier path, one where there is more in life by having less. More free time by having fewer obligations. More space by having less stuff. More happiness by having fewer doubts, fears, and worries.


How does that change their lives and what does that do for them?

This literally changes everything about their lives. From what they do day-to-day to how they move through their space. Every aspect gets a ripple effect from this.


How does that affect their entire lives, and how does that ultimately affect the entire world?

It changes the way they move through life. It changes what they say yes or no to, what they take on their plate or what they drop. It changes the world because of the way they plug into the world.


What happens to them if they don’t find me?

Those clients miss out on options, opportunities, and that sense of peace and tranquility. Their families and friends are affected by them not having found peace. They may continue to live life feeling blocked off and trapped. Both by their physical things and non-physical blocks.


So there you have it. A few things that I have begun to deep dive into my business and how it connects to you all. These things I already knew internally but having taken more courses, I am able to pull them out and put them in a post and share them with everyone.