What is a Professional Organizer Called?

organization services Mar 25, 2022

The title Professional Organizer can be, well ... confusing and unclear. As a client, the aim of a PO is to simplify life but the title is already a turnoff. So what does it actually mean? I'm sharing what it means and all the other names a P.O. can be called! See, simple!

Due to the nature of the work that a professional organizer does, the titles can be vast and interchangeable.

You will almost always find that a Professional Organizer has gone into this career with a second, third, or fourth career experience. And this is great! Your PO will have a wealth of knowledge and other background experience that you would otherwise not get. They will bring with them their understanding of financing, accounting, marketing, sales, etc to your project which is really, invaluable.

However, this is also where you will find some differences and tricky titles to overcome.


Since your professional organizer is now in a profession that has many many facets and nuances, coupled with the background each PO will bring with them, you are going to find that there are a lot of different titles a PO can bring with them to their business.

Unfortunately, this will cause uncertainty and will leave you, the client, unsure about what the PO is actually called and most importantly, what they actually do. But more on that in another blog :)


Here is a list of titles you can find a professional organizer in a whole list of these following titles:
  • An organizer
  • Professional Organizer
  • Certified Professional Organizer (there is a difference between PO and CPO!)
  • Residential organizer
  • Business organizer
  • Life coach
  • Life transition manager
  • Life manager
  • A packer
  • An assistant
  • Move management

As you can see, due to the nature of the work that a professional organizer does, the titles can be vast and interchangeable. The lines between what a Professional Organizer does, and what a mover, cleaner, and packer does can be gray and blurred depending upon what company you work with. Each company will provide set services (organizing) and then they may add on additional services that others will not. Such as staging or moving.


Now that you have an idea of what an organizer might be called, there are some common titles that you will generally find a PO not called. This can be that these services are outsourced or subcontracted out to other businesses that have more qualified individuals to help them.

Some common titles you may not see a professional organizer identify as it:
  • A mover
  • A cleaner


You will generally find that a Professional Organizer is not there to clean the home but to help remove clutter and get the family organized. Often times a PO will work with a cleaning company to help get the project over the finish line and set the home up for success.

It is always a good idea to check with your Professional Organizer about what services they do and do not offer at any stage of the project but ideally, before. This will help you narrow down which PO is the right fit for you and your needs.


Happy Decluttering!

xx Caitlin


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