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5 Spring Cleaning Tips You Haven't Thought About!

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

It is that time of the year again. When we all put away the scarfs and gloves, breakout our floral wreaths and look forward to long, warm nights on the porch *ahhh* Although spring isn't fully here yet, now is actually a really great time to get started on those spring cleaning projects and here are 5 things you didn't think to clean!

1) Winter Coats!

Okay, this first one might seem counterintuitive to clean these now but trust me! If your coats require them to be dry cleaned or washed on the gentle cycle, now is the PERFECT time to do that.

Get those coats out of the closet and to the cleaners! Then, when they are ready to be picked up, simply leave the dry-cleaning plastic over top and store until next year or use a garment bag linked HERE. Win win.

2) Mattress, Pillows & Comforter

Spring is not just changing out your flannel bedding for a cotton spread. Be sure you don't overlook vacuuming the mattress and flipping/rotating it. Check your comforter (some say wash once a year) but now is the best time to throw that comforter in the washer! Once the comforter has a spin, toss in the pillows. If you can, let them air dry outside to give them a crisp feel.

A great tip from A.J.A. & More is to set your dryer on the lowest heat setting and throw in a clean tennis ball to allows for the feathers to be evenly distributed!

While your bedding is in cleaning use a powerful hand vacuum to make cleaning super easy. We have a Shark link to one HERE and it's $50 off!

3) Baseboards

This happens to be part of my monthly cleaning routine as baseboards are my biggest pet-peeve (Currently in the process of eliminating them from our home!) But if there is one thing I have learned from becoming a Professional Organizer, it is that my organized and clean, may not be everyone's organized and cleaned. So here is tip #3.