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Getting Organized in Your Daily Routine

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

School is finally back in session! So that means nights and weekends have become that much busier with activities, homework, not to mention the dinners, showers, and all before 8:00 PM. At least, that's what happens in our home.

Actually, all things considered, this is the best time to get organized. Starting the new routine off organized will only set you, and the family, up for success this year. So, far this year promises to look a lot like it did last year, loads of time at home! Don't get overwhelmed with the last-minute changes, start incorporating them in now.

Okay, let's talk about how to manage all those activities going on during the week. No matter if your family is big or small, you cannot avoid making it through life without a calendar.

I encourage all my clients to figure out the best way they take in information. For some this is digital solutions while others like to keep it simple with pen and paper.

Either way, write it down and get it out of your mind. This is a form of mental decluttering and organizing.

For today, I am focusing on just the basics; paper and pen (look for the digital solutions blog soon!) Since most people find they have an embarrassment around going "old school" I want to address this head on, it should be about whatever works best for you!

Paper Planners:

- Pro Tip! When selecting your planner, try to think about how YOU need to see your day and what that looks like. Are you someone who has multiple appointments a day and needs a view with hourly holds? Or can you get by with just the big events for that day? All this will go into how effective your calendar ultimately is.