Last Week to Declutter Before Christmas!!

Updated: Jun 13

I took some time to sit down for my second podcast and first vlog to discuss what 3 tips I give my clients with kids on how they can get organized!

Yeah I get it! It's a crazy time of the year. Family and friends all in town...

Shopping, wrapping, baking, cooking, cleaning and the list goes on and on.

But what little things can you do this week to set yourself, and your family, up for success?

In my podcast this week I discuss three tips I give to my clients that are super simple but really effective! They are not time constricting and will make a world of difference this week and for months to come (you'll see)


We all know this guy ^ is coming in T-5 days! But there are things we can do now to prepare that doesn't involve baking him a plate of cookies.

When it comes to organizing kids, I always recommend starting sooner rather than later. So here are the 3 tips I give my clients that applies to Christmas, holidays and birthdays!

  1. Gather, Sort and Purge now - Parents take the first round and then bring in the kids

  2. Put things aside - Best pro tip!

  3. Routine routine routine - you will honestly find most of your obstacles can be solved if you just have a good system set up for things

Let me know what you are all doing this week to get your home ready for the influx of toys!

And if you want to schedule a call and start the journey to living a more organized life (and a less stressful one!) you can book your call with me HERE

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